Do I have to be a Member of the RCC to come eat?    Nope.  Come on.  No cover charge, no membership required, open to the public.  The RCC has separate rules and restrictions, but Republic BBQ is separate in this sense.

When are y’all open?  Lunch or dinner?  Are you open in the afternoon in between lunch and dinner?  Our official opening day is Friday, February 1st.  For the month of February, we’ll only be open on selected days.  Click here for those days.  We’ll open from 11:30 to 9pm on those days.  By March, we hope to be open almost every day.  But we’re not going to rush it.  We have to make sure we have our staffing, systems, and our overall experience exactly where we want it before we are open every day.

Who killed J.R.?  Honestly, that’s our generation’s deepest question, and we’re still not sure.  We’re still pissed they made us wait a whole season to find out, and we think the reveal was disappointing.

What is your menu?  It will change on occasion, especially the desserts, so check out the updated menu by clicking here

There is a vegetarian in our group.  Will there be something for them?  Yes, absolutely.  We have side dishes aplenty, and they’ll be happy.

Who killed Jimmy Hoffa?  Prolly smoking, but don’t quote us on that.

Can I bring kids?  Yes, you can.  We are family friendly.  We do have a bar, but this is not a bar atmosphere or feel.   Now, your kids do need to stay seated, and not run around like banshees – because we will tell you if they do – but they are welcome to come and enjoy delicious barbeque.

Can we smoke?  Yes, there is a smoking section, but not in the main dining area.  It is outside, away from diners.

Is there live music?  Yes, on nights when we are open, we will often have live music, especially Thursday through Saturday nights.  The music will not be intrusive to the main dining hall, it will be on the other end of the restaurant.  You won’t have to shout to carry on a conversation.  If you want to enjoy the music, you can move to the concert area on the other end and enjoy it.   

I’m a person who likes to show up and tell barbeque joints how I like to prepare and cook my meats, and criticize what they’re doing, because it makes me feel smart, and people hate me for it.  Am I welcome?  No. 

Is there a designated area for Members?  Yes, on days and nights where ONLY Republic BBQ is open and not the RCC, the “Trailer Park” area (the elevated area near the pavilion stage) will be reserved for Members only.  The rest of the seating area will be open to the public.

Do you do carry out?  Yes, for now our carry out will be limited to entering the joint, ordering, and carrying out.  In short order we will be able to accept phone and internet orders.  We’re just not ready for those options yet.   

Do you do catering or delivery?  Not yet.  Our hope is to be able to do that very soon.  But first we are focused on our dining experience inside our joint.  We hope to be able to do delivery by April if all goes well.  We hope to be able to do catering by May, but we’ll see.  Join our mailing list, at the bottom of the home page, and you’ll be the first to know when we add these.

Is there a dress code?  No.  Never.

Is there plenty of parking?  Absolutely.

Can I compare your food to other bbq joints?  No.  The restaurant business is tough.  We don’t disparage other restaurants or their owners.  In fact, our respect for them made us want to try to imitate them.  We don’t claim to be better.  There is enough room for everyone.  We just want to give consumers more choices, and our bbq is a tribute to all the great folks out there in our community already doing it so well.

Are y’all cooking with gas, or what?  No gas.  Ever.  We are cooking on natural Texas woods.  We cook low and slow.  We believe that patience and quality meats is everything in this process, and that there is no substitute for time in the smoking process.